Control System Upgrades

Do You Have Unsupported and Non-Compliant GMP Equipment?

Equipment that is Obsolete, Unreliable and Difficult to Operate?

Avoid the expensive and time-consuming process involved with replacing your processes or equipment, and join the growing number of pharmaceutical companies opting to upgrade their facilities for a fraction of the cost.

Applied to all types of cGMP equipment including:

  • Autoclaves
  • Ovens
  • Steam and Pure Steam Generators
  • Steam Distribution Systems
  • Filling Machines
  • Purified Water Generation Systems
  • Purified Water/WFI Distribution Systems
  • WFI Stills

Our upgrades minimise capital investment costs, reduce disruption to your processes and ensure continued confi dence in compliance. We can assess the current design, and offer a risk based approach. Our experience in this area has delivered more effi cient, cost-effective and improved timescales by targeting the critical control points within the process. Tools such as HACCP and FMEA are applied under the ICH Q9 and ASTM 2500 framework.

Our risk based approach means that we can offer an efficient and cost effective approach to the lifecycle of design and engineering services for the upgrades we carry out including:

  • Autoclave Installation
  • Development of the URS
  • Option Studies
  • Criticality Assessments
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Equipment Qualification
  • Control System
  • Development and Software Validation
  • Validation Documentation (DQ,IQ, OQ and PQ) and Invigilation
  • Factory and Site Acceptance Tests (FAT/SAT)- Commissioning
  • Service and Maintenance

Our bespoke service contracts all include a component criticality matrix to ensure that throughout the system or process lifecycle, capability and performance are fully optimised.

5 Reasons To Upgrade...

1. Significantly Lower Cost:
Typically save one fifth of overall project cost for replacement!

2. Project Timescales Cut:
Reduced from 15 months to just 3 months!

3. Production Outage Time Dramatically Reduced:
No need for major re-building work or the upheaval of removing redundant equipment.

4. Compliant to Latest Regulatory Requirements:
Full GAMP and retrospective equipment/systems validated to IQ, OQ and PQ.

5. Fully Supported:
Access to our full remit of pharmaceutical process support services including; process validation, servicing, maintenance and ongoing technical support.

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  • Control System Upgrades = Do You Have Unsupported and Non-Compliant cGMP Equipment?

Why Honeyman?

  • Established History in purity water and steam systems.
  • We can operate on a 'one stop shop' basis, or supply packages of work to suit.
  • From engineering design to installation management, we cover a wide range of skills.