Service Support & Maintenance

Annual & multi-year service contracts built specifically around your requirements.

Equipment maintenance matched to the exact requirements of each individual system or piece of equipment. Our cost effective, flexible service and maintenance plans can be tailored to include a range of routine and breakdown services as required.

As the industry’s leading, independent specialists in high purity water systems and sterilisation processes we can provide comprehensive service and maintenance cover for a range of quality critical utility processes and equipment including:

  • PW/WFI Purification, Storage and Distribution (including Elga, Stilmas, Bram-Cor, Purite, BCD, BWT, Bosch, Telstar) 
  • Pure/Clean Steam Generators (including Telstar, Stilmas, BWT, Spirax Sarco, Steris)
  • Autoclaves (including Getinge, Fedegari, Denley, Boxer, Tuttnauer, BMT, BMM Weston)
  • Ovens
  • Disinfectors
  • Washers

There are a number of  advantages to using a third party provider such as Honeyman Group Ltd:

  1. Lower maintenance prices
  2. Support for multiple manufacturers – all in a single contract
  3. Support for older systems no longer handled by the OEM
  4. Support backed up by our team of industry leading team of consultants and engineers.

Our strength is the range of specialist in-house expertise we bring to each project. We can provide the combination of design, engineering, technical, microbiological, regulatory and project management expertise which is essential to meet quality –as well as time and cost – criteria.

For more information and for a quotation please contact us.

  • Service support and maintenance of purified water, wfi, autoclave systems

Why Honeyman?

  • Established History in purity water and steam systems.
  • We can operate on a 'one stop shop' basis, or supply packages of work to suit.
  • From engineering design to installation management, we cover a wide range of skills.