Preservative Efficacy and Stability Studies

Using our pharmacopoeial compliant methods, Honeyman Laboratories are able to test pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical products Honeyman test include:

  • Multi-Dose Injections
  • Topical Preparations
  • Oral Products

We can demonstrate that the anti-microbial activity of the particular product is adequate and will therefore prevent problems arising from the microbial contamination of pharmaceutical products during the in-use shelf-life.

Stability Studies and Storage

Complying with the ICH guidelines for Stability Storage, Honeyman Laboratories can offer a full storage, study and testing service at a variety of storage conditions.

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Why Honeyman?

  • Established History in purity water and steam systems.
  • We can operate on a 'one stop shop' basis, or supply packages of work to suit.
  • From engineering design to installation management, we cover a wide range of skills.