Water & Steam Analysis

Honeyman Analytical offer Chemical, Physio-Chemical, Microbiological and Quantitative Endotoxin testing for all types of pharmaceutical water/steam

From feed water to WFI to pure steam. In addition, our specialist knowledge enables us to interpret results in terms of water or steam plant performance and provide advice on any remedial actions necessary.

  • Compendial Analysis to the current EP/USP/JP for bulk Purified Water/WFI and other grades
  • Non-Compendial Chemical Analysis of samples from water systems. Specific analysis of appropriate samples is required at different stages of the water purification process, to ensure the correct performance of separate equipment elements.
  • Non-Compendial Microbiological Analysis of samples from water systems. A variety of microbiological techniques are used to evaluate, monitor and/or investigate the performance of the water system.

Routine Testing techniques include:

  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysis
  • Conductivity
  • Wet Chemical Tests for Pre-Treatment and Purification Assessment
  • Quantitative Endotoxin (LAL) Analysis
  • Total Viable Count (TVC) Analysis
  • Absence of Objectionable Organisms
  • HTM 2030
  • HTM 2031 for Dishwasher Disinfector Water and Clean Steam Samples.
  • Condensate analysis to HTM 2010, EN 285 or Water For Injection (WFI) specifications.

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  • Water & Steam Analysis

Why Honeyman?

  • Established History in purity water and steam systems.
  • We can operate on a 'one stop shop' basis, or supply packages of work to suit.
  • From engineering design to installation management, we cover a wide range of skills.