Sterilisation Principles in Practice ®

QA Manager, Victoria Pharmaceuticals

“Prior to the course, there were discussions with Marcus to ensure that the content of the course would be tailored to the requirements of the business and that it would be pitched at a level that was appropriate for the range of staff attending; engineers, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.

The course was an excellent mix of presentations, interactive sessions and workshops, and the delivery of the course by Marcus was ‘spot on’ in terms of content being delivered at the right level for all attending and covering all our needs.

Following the course, all attendees expressed how much they had gained and learned from the course, and have since put many of the learning points into practice. Files containing all the presentations were provided for the course and certificates were provided to all attendees. In the future, we would be more than willing for Honeyman to provide other courses.”

Sterilisation: Principles in Practice ®

Product Manager, Benchmark Vaccines

“The course content was pitched at exactly the right level for a mixed group, including case histories of sterilisation related disasters and linking these to GMP standards and requirements, cycle choice, maintenance and the technical aspects of steam sterilisation.

The presentation itself was delivered in a professional and entertaining way and the trainer clearly has extensive knowledge of the subject. The course was customised to become relevant to our operations and the sessions were dynamic and interactive in a way which made a technical subject accessible to the audience.

A number of delegates have given positive feedback and we have been able to identify a number of potential improvements in the way we operate for further discussion. All in all I would thoroughly recommend both Honeyman Group and Marcus Booth”.

Sterilisation: Principles in Practice ®

Microbiology Manager, Portsmouth Hospital

“I contacted Honeyman Group Ltd because they had been recommended to me for their experience in providing training in sterilisation practices. After discussing my requirements they provided a tailor-made course which they performed at our location.

My colleagues informed me that the course delivered by Marcus was very informative, educational, and delivered professionally. Marcus was obviously enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject and this came across in his delivery of the lecture. They were also interested in hearing about other uses for autoclaves. Marcus interacted well with my colleagues and was very friendly. The printed materials were very useful and will be helpful when delivering training to other personnel. In my opinion all the training requirements I provided were met and I am very happy with the ideas my laboratory staff have come away with following this course. They are also enthusiastic about ideas they have of going forward. I would recommend Honeyman Group Ltd to anybody who requires training in sterilisation techniques and hopefully this will be a regular event for our department”.

Critical Factors for the Manufacture of Bio-pharmaceutical Products

Qualified Person, PPD

“Overall feedback from the PPD group of participants who attended the recent Cleanroom and Sterilisation course was very positive. The course content and duration was perfectly tailored to suit the training needs of the PPD Quality function considering current business needs and expectations.

The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of the course tutors was considered excellent with many relevant of practical examples discussed throughout the course to supplement training topics. In conclusion the quality of the training materials, delivery by course tutors and course content more than adequately met requirements and expectations of PPD.”

Principles of Aseptic Processing and Sterilisation Technology

Qualified Person, Amgen

“The Principles of Aseptic Processing and Sterilisation Technology training course was excellently delivered, such that it effectively translated to both the inexperienced and well experienced. It provided a comprehensive introductory platform to aseptic operations topics for novices along with an excellent refresher course for more experienced personnel.

The course satisfied a cross functional audience i.e. QA, QC, Engineering and Manufacturing, providing all parties with an appreciation of both the compliance aspects of aseptic operations along with the equipment design/engineering aspects. The training material is invaluable and provides a continuous reference point in our routine duties. I would strongly recommend this course to those that require an introduction to aseptic operations as well as those requiring continuous training so they can remain current with industry best practice and regulatory expectations.”

Sterilisation and Aseptic Processing Course

Management and Organisation Lead, GSK

“On behalf of the GSK team a big thank you for your design, development and delivery of the training.

You paid excellent attention to our needs in the design and development of the two modules, making the training material and delivery specific to our business, processes and plant.

The workshops have been really well received by the attendees, what stood out for people was your style as a trainer, your vast experience and the practical examples you gave to bring the training to life.

Thank you for being committed to our business and being flexible in all elements of the training intervention”