HydroGienic® Cost Benefits

HydroGienic® delivers a number of cost-effective solutions covering capital cost, the cost of validation and qualification, energy consumption and lifetime ownership.

The system dramatically reduces installation downtime costs, due to its unique and innovative distribution system. Downtime is also kept to a minimum during alterations to existing user points or during the addition of new user points and it can be reduced to no longer than a single sanitisation cycle of the system. Over the lifetime of a HydroGienic® installation this provides very significant cost savings compared with conventional systems.

In most applications, HydroGienic® requires a smaller investment in terms of capital procurement than conventional systems.

During the typical lifetime of a pharmaceutical water system (which may be around 20 years), it would be expected that modifications would be required to the system from time to time. These might typically include the addition or removal of user points, and various alterations and re-siting of existing user points. In all cases, with a HydroGienic® system these modifications would be cheaper and quicker because of its unique parallel delivery configuration. For example, adding an extra offtake to a conventional system might cost in the order of £50,000 when down time, fabrication, degrease and passivation are taken into account, without considering the possible losses of use and production downtime. The equivalent HydroGienic® cost might easily be less than £10,000, in similar circumstances. The true value of HydroGienic® revolves around the ‘lifetime cost of ownership’ and benefits to the system users which will lead to improved facility efficiency and productivity

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