HydroGienic® Water Systems

HydroGienic® water systems are transforming the pure water industry - contact us to understand the savings it could make your site!

Accepted by the MHRA and FDA, HydroGienic® purified water systems are becoming increasingly popular in the industry as they revolutionise the storage and distribution of compendial water (PW/HPW/WFI), providing compliant and efficient system flexibility.

HydroGienic® purification and distribution systems present pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers with a unique capability of installing high purity water distribution systems on a modular basis, providing for the addition or moving of offtakes one at a time if necessary as and when required by the project or facility. This provides a very significant advantage and benefit over conventional recirculating loop designs, both to the owners and users likely also to have a positive impact on the project teams’ programme and budget.

The three main advantages:

1. Modular - 'Plug and play' capabilities to suit changing facility requirements

2. Cost - Significant reduction in cost over the cost of lifetime of a system

3. Guaranteed flow rates - user points provide 100% system diversity meaning that all user points will deliver the required flows at all times

But there are many many more:

Quick and easy 'plug and play‘ installation, which removes the need for hot working

Minimal facility disruption during installation making it ideal for refits

Reduces total project time and installation

Easy to add/remove and modify user points without disrupting other users

Cost efficient- reduces energy consumption and low lifetime ownership costs

Minimises validation effort

Allows easy modular facility build and expansion flexibility

Maybe used to add new users to existing systems

Any combination of user points may be used simultaneously providing up to 100% diversity of use

Can be operated hot or cold or with continuous or periodic ozone injection

Can be sanitised with heat, ozone or other chemicals

Easy to isolate individual user points for local sanitisation

Enables quick and simple system re-configuration

Minimises rouge formation

Meets all cGMP and regulatory requirements (FDA, MHRA etc)

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  • HydroGienic® Purified Water Systems including Elga, Stilmas, Bram-Cor, Purite, BCD, BWT, Bosch, Telstar)

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